You – Your Aura

YOUR AURA that is you is Magnificent in its energy, Brilliant in its colour, Intense in its vibration, Complicated to the degree of the most comprehensive computer chip and it’s all about you and you alone.

The Aura is all of these things, when you view it layer upon layer and level upon level. We create such a magnitude of emotions, protection’s, health vibrations and intentions. All of these feelings create colour and we hold it all in an energy field which surrounds our physical body.

What an amazing creation we are. The Aura has intensity about it because it is so powerful, deep and complicated. But can radiate a gentle, love vibration that is as fragile as the petal of a flower.

Imagine the beliefs of 1000 life times what chaos of thought. No wonder our life is made up of layer upon layer of struggle (a carnival of colour) and the futile determination to be free of this.

Our beliefs firmly hold us in bondage until we consciously choose to change them.

This shows up in the aura as heavy energy and it literally stresses the physical body. It shows as an imbalance in one of the chakras (energy centres) where over-compensation can take place to keep energy flowing. This complication is often in the form of self judgement, self pity and blame. This energy creates inner struggle like fighting against your actual self and blocks your happiness, joyful good health, positive relationships and prosperity.

The end result is physical illness and emotional stress.

We unconsciously feed these negative beliefs more energy to keep them as part of our identity. Even though it feels uncomfortable and unhappy and even though we know it is in conflict with our higher-self. We create it all, and keep the blocks intact.

Why, because it’s a habit, and unconsciously we believe we need the protection of our old programming.

We can strive in one area and create astounding change but in another we not only ignore the stress but reinforce it by self punishment. It shows up in the aura as direct links to past lives and this life’s experiences, and the programming that we have taken on as our truth. We continue unconsciously to relive negative belief patterns of self over and over.

You may have a strong belief that your case is hopeless, you may take on a can’t cope poor me attitude believing that you are stuck in it forever, or its bad luck, or it is just who you are (your identity). Well life moves on and you attract problems, judgments, illness, experiences and relationships which will reinforce that your negative beliefs are true.

It’s all about the power of attraction, what you put out consciously or unconsciously you attract back as your reality.

We do tend as human beings to lie to ourselves about failure, hopelessness and not being good enough. Then we just wallow in it. Why, because we continually prove its truth by our own life’s experience.

These beliefs are not carved in stone they are simply just our creations. We can discreate them and set ourselves free to laugh again. Free to create the reality we prefer to live in and the way we choose to feel.

But keep in mind our life that we have chosen is a journey, we don’t ever reach Nirvana where we can just sit in the sun and life is perfect and we have turned into some ethereal being. We are in a physical and practical body and though every moment is really perfect, it is our journey and generally we just need to lighten up so we can attract what we need.

If we are continually stressed, have beliefs that we need to be someone else, live somewhere else or look a certain way to be happy then we will always create unhappiness. But if we let self judgements go and love ourselves unconditionally then we will attract answers to lead us in the direction to achieve all that we desire – and in that time we live in the moment and actually enjoy our present.

We can have ah-ha moments where we get it and release some old beliefs that don’t serve us, and from that state of grace the door to open and we are then not blocking our power of attraction with judgments or neediness.

However if we spend years in blame, negative thoughts, disappointment or aggression we do so because we personally get some payback from it, either self pity or spiteful fulfilment on some level. It won’t make us happy or create anything good in our life of course, and our aura will reflect that because what we put own comes back, like attracts like.

If we didn’t get a pay back from feeling hard-done-by we would think good thoughts and be happy, we would change our mind. Misery (ego) is addictive and is certainly lower consciousness, it will never help us grow, be happy or find joy, bring joy to others or make us healthy and a nice person to be around. Ego is a lie and an illusion.

These energies degrade our aura as their energies are heavy and destructive. Long term living in this low vibration will lead to depression, illness, no friends and feeling like there is nothing to live for. But its no one else’s fault – it’s all about our thoughts. If we live in blame, aggression, self pity and the like we choose to live in limbo.

Our aura shows how magnificent we really are and what potential is there. We need to believe in ourselves more and love ourselves unconditionally that’s where the power lies.

All power of attraction is only about two energies that you put out – Love or Fear.

Think on these simple truths and decide for your (perfect) self how you want to feel in each moment of each day because you alone have the power to create the reality you want to live in – and it shows in your aura.

Written by JenBella Nova